Product Information

freccia.jpgFor a relaxing and slimming bath

The best way for storing the higher amounts of mineral salts contained in thermal water is to transform it into gel; as a matter of fact gel is a product essentially formed by water. With this composition we obtained a real concentrate of thermal water, combined with essential lemon oiland enriched with sea salts. This gel transforms a simple bath into a slimming treatment that leaves the skin soft and moisturised; it is relaxing and aromatic thanks to the emission of a strong scent of flavonoid-rich lemon oil in hot water having wellknown whitening, cleansing, decongestant and firming up skin properties. For a stronger action, it is advisable to massage the product on a wet body and then take a bath or have a shower; it can also be dissolved directly into the bath and in the hydro massage.

Price: 3,70€