Product Information

freccia.jpg For an intense active firming lipolytic effect

Lipolytic effect product. Contains: laminaria digitata, brown algae, performs a demolitic activity of hypodermic lipid deposits, effectively combating the imperfections of cellulite; spirulina, blue seaweed of fresh water, particularly rich in vitamins (in particular vitamin A and B12), effectively fights premature aging of the skin and helps to keep it young and healthy; fucus vesiculosus, vesiculata alga, with marked pharmacological properties, rich in iodine, vitamins, amino acids, phytocolloids, etc., with a marked softening, emollient and toning function; mix of essential oils, white thyme and Scots pine, with toning, stimulating, purifying, emollient, astringent, anti-inflammatory, etc functions; atomized sea water, concentrated sea water rich in macroelements such as calcium and magnesium and trace elements such as iron and zingo, restores the right balance of these elements. Everything is enhanced by the presence in the formula of the mineral salts present in the thermal water. How to use: spread a thin layer on the affected parts and wrap with a transparent film. Leave on for 20/30 minutes, then remove with a damp sponge or rinse under a shower. The product may cause a slight reddening caused by the reactivation of microcirculations

Price: 20,00€