Product Information

freccia.jpg Breast volumizing, elasticizing, hardening and tensor action.

It contains glycerine volufiline pantenolo, collagen, ialuronic acid oenotera oil, sweet almond oil, vitamin E. Volumizing action: Volufiline that stimulates the increase of fat, fills and increases breast volume and circumference. Elasticing action. Vitamins contained in the formula strengthen cellular membranes by releasing noutrishment and hydration. The hardening action works on the skin structure and hardens the tissues increasing tonicity and firmness. A tensor action envelopes the part in a soft film that improves the look. Breast appears compact, toned up, rounder and better looking. It is recommended to those ladies who have small or empty breast and to those who wish to better their look. Instruction for use: Apply daily morning and night on the whole breast avoiding the nipple massaging gently from the base to the point.

Price: 26,50€