Product Information

freccia.jpgThe man facial treatment involves the combined use of six specific products: cleansing mousse 200ml, 100ml moisturizing gel mask; exfoliating Gel Citrus 100ml, 50ml Eye contour man; spa tonic 200ml; man-wrinkle cream 50ml

Application procedure
A. Apply mousse cleanser on the face ;
B. Remove the mousse after a couple of minutes with special sponges or water ;
C. Apply the gel to exfoliating face with fingertips circular motions; D. Leave on for 5 minutes;
E. Rinse with cool or lukewarm water or use special sponges;
F. Spread a thin layer of the mask on the face with a brush; G. Leave on for 10 minutes;
H. Remove the mask with special sponges or water; I. Apply the eye cream for men around the eyes;
J. Finally, apply the Anti-wrinkle cream for men with gentle massage from the bottom to the top, in
order to restore the right level of skin-hydration;
• To obtain best results, it’s advisable to carry out such treatment at least once per week;
• After the professional treatment, it’s particularly recommended to keep using the Cleansing mousse
as well as the Anti-wrinkle cream for men, on daily basis.

Price: 103,00€