Product Information

freccia.jpgThe anticellulite thermal treatment involves the combined use of 3 specific products: Thermal Mud, liporiducent cellulite cream, Scrub salts

Apply a uniform and compact layer of anti-cellulite thermal mud to the affected areas of the body. This application is particularly effective for yielding to the skin, through a temporary occlusion mechanism, the functional substances contained in the mud. • During the setting time (20 minutes) the treated areas must be wrapped in a polyethylene sheet to optimize the penetration of the active ingredients or use a thermal blanket. • After laying time, remove the product by rinsing or lukewarm shower. • Conclude the treatment by performing a specific massage with the special liporiducent cellulite cream with thermal water. • Or with the Scrub Salts to obtain a mechanical peeling, a water retention reduction effect, a reactivating and velvety effect. Applications We recommend a number of 10 applications for one-two times a week. Subsequently, the periodic use of liporiducent cellulite cream and salts is recommended.

Price: 90,50€