Product Information


Thanks to its innovative composition and the use of solar filters with 8 protection, it protects the skin from the aggression of sun rays, enhancing a quick, mild and uniform tan, leaving the skin soft and velvety while maintaining its natural moisture. It is recommended for fair, sensitive and delicate complexion. To be used in the hours of maximum solar intensity or in the event of long exposure. Moreover, it is also recommended because of its hydro-repellent protection (waterproof), for people travelling by sea (in fact the wind and water give a sensation of freshness but do not minimize the effects of exposure to the sun at all). It is advisable to use the product with the higher protection filter during the first days of exposure to the sun, especially in cases of fair and delicate complexion being more sensitive to the effects of the first sun rays. After the first sun-tan the filter can be progressively reduced.

Price: 16,00€